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Experience 7 Wonders of Asia at Soy X Neung Roi

Health & FoodExperience 7 Wonders of Asia at Soy X Neung Roi

While Chinese or Indo-Chinese is the ultimate Asian comfort food for many, the popularity of Pan Asian cuisines in our country has escalated in recent years. With Pan Asian flavours from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea becoming more alive than ever in the capital, the staples for the millennials are changing. We now have Sushi, Ramen, Bibimbap, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Nasi Goreng, and a lot more on our go-to menu. Recently, I had the pleasure to relish some exotic Asian cuisines at Soy X Neung Roi at Radisson Blu Plaza. The restaurant is offering seven Asian cuisines straight onto your plates with the ‘7 Wonders of Asia’ food festival.

‘Elegant and luxurious’ was all that came to my mind as I was welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine while stepping inside the Soy X Neung Roi restaurant. The brown hue interior and yellow lighting complemented the overall luxurious vibe of the restaurant. I spent a minute or two admiring the huge, lantern-like lights that dropped mid-air from the ceiling. Then, my eyes went to the bustle of chefs in the open kitchen, making me anticipate more about my awaited culinary journey ahead.


The festival ‘7 Wonders of Asia’ brings forth the flavours and essence of the Far East. The menu features a wide range of authentic delicacies from 7 Asian countries – Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. I started off my gastronomic evening with ‘Turnip Cake’. Contrary to the name, there’s no turnip in Turnip Cake. It is a savoury Chinese dish made with radish, burnt chilli, garlic, green onion, and sprouts. Vegetarians will absolutely love this tender snack. Chicken lovers should absolutely try ‘Korean Fried Chicken’ smeared with gochujang sauce. With the right concoction of sweet and spicy, this Korean snack gets a big thumbs up. Next, I tried the ‘Chicken Dimsum’ made with crystal chicken, roasted chilli, and pine nuts. With a soft covering and crunchy filling, this dumpling was an absolute delight. If chicken is not your thing, you can also try ‘Kale and Water Chestnut Dumpling’. If that was not enough, ‘Raw Mango Salad with Cashew Nuts’ is another veg option. With the right balance of flavour and texture, this salad is a must-try.


Next on the lineup were two types of sushis- ‘Spider Roll and California Roll’. Since the rolls were bite-sized and quite delectable, I easily devoured 2-3 pieces in under a minute. If you are a seafood lover, try the Spider Roll made with soft shell crab tempura. Vegetarians can try California Roll made with avocado, cucumber, and sriracha. Another must-try for hard-core non-veg lovers is ‘Pork Belly Yakitori’. It is a popular Japanese skewer dish with meat and veggies coated with a sweet sauce.

To enhance the Pan Asian palate further, there are other dishes such as ‘Singa Pura Chilli Soft Shell Crab’, ‘Mixed Veg in Thai Green Curry’, ‘Braised Tofu In Broad Bean Sauce’, ‘Jasmine Rice, Chicken with Bullet Chilli & White Onion’, ‘Lemon Grass Creme Brulee’ and more, offered on the menu. So, delight your taste buds with authentic Pan Asian cuisines at the 7 Wonders of Asia by Soy X Neung Roi at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport from 27th May to 12th June 2022.

  • What: Soy X Neung Roi
  • Where: Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport
  • When: 27th May to 12th June 2022.

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