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Experience “The Summer Cuisine Of Delhi” At Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, Courtesy Of Chef Osama Jalali

Food & DrinksExperience "The Summer Cuisine Of Delhi" At Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, Courtesy Of Chef Osama Jalali

When we think of ‘Purani Dilli, we can’t help but think about the mouth-watering food that this glorious place offers! From juicy tikkas, flavourful biryanis, and sweet and tangy chaat to masaledaar gravies, it won’t be too much to say that North Indian food can be best presented by Old Delhi food! One pioneer of this scrumptious cuisine has taken it upon himself to travel around the city and spread his love of Old Delhi food by hosting exclusive food festivals and his name is Chef Osama Jalali. Recently, I had the pleasure of eating his food again at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, and the food was to die for!

The festival “The Summer Cuisine Of Delhi” by Chef Osama Jalali focuses on playing with the light and summer flavours to make a wholesome and delicious menu. I tried some of the most unique dishes during my visit, and each delighted me more than the other. The menu focused on incorporating summer fruits into tikkas, kebabs and curries.


Paneer Gulnaar Kebab

We started with Paneer Gulnaar Kebab, Silbattaa Shammi Kebab and Sandall Murgh Tikka. The paneer kebab was stuffed with fresh pomegranate, giving a sweet flavour to the juicy paneer. The murgh tikka was marinated in sandalwood and a host of masalas, making each and every piece tender and full of flavour and the classic Shammi Kebab was mouth-melting!


Torai Ke Chilke, Chana Ki Dal Ka Bharta and Bhindi Gosht

For the main course, the chef made us try a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. In the veg, we had Torai Ke Chilke, a scrumptious sabzi made from only the peels of torai, and Chana Ki Dal Ka Bharta. In the non-veg, we had Amba Kallya, mango-infused mutton curry, Bhindi Gosht, an Awadhi preparation of spicy okra and mutton and the old Delhi quintessential Murgh Kofte.


Amba Kallya


Murgh Kofta

To complete the meal, the curries were accompanied by Mutton Yakhni Pulao, Warqi paratha and Khamiri roti. The curries were absolutely delicious, and it would be extremely difficult to choose one favourite, but I have to say, the Amba Kallya had found a special place in my heart.

Chef Osama Jalali brilliantly captures all the light and fruity flavour of the summer within old Delhi cuisine and introduces our palate to new lip-smacking dishes! If you want to try authentic Old Delhi food, then head to Crowne Plaza Greater Noida to enjoy the Chef’s cooking.

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