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How Amber Heard is affording lawyers: benefactor exposed

EntertainmentHow Amber Heard is affording lawyers: benefactor exposed

How Amber Heard is affording lawyers: benefactor exposed
How Amber Heard is affording lawyers: benefactor exposed

The identity of Amber Heard’s financial benefactor has just been brought to light.

Pennsylvania-based trial attorney, Heather Heidelbaugh offered insight into their identity while speaking with the New York Post.

According to Heidelbaugh, “There is coverage if you are sued for defamation based on how much you pay through coverage.”

“The insurance company will keep in its back pocket the option of denying coverage at the end of the day — denying coverage means refusing to pay the plaintiff, in this case, Mr Depp.”

“A lot of insurance policies provide coverage for defamation but they have an exclusion in, which says ‘We will not cover any intentional wrongdoing.’ In order to win a defamation case against a public figure, you have to show intentional wrongdoing.”

However, “Sometimes what it requires to get the judgment kicks you out of the policy that may pay for the judgment. That’s the dilemma.”

These hypotheses have been offered by Virginia-based appellate lawyer Steven Emmert, in an interview with the New York Times.

Virginia-based appellate lawyer Steven Emmert has offered these possibilities in an interview with the New York Times.

Emmert said, “If she doesn’t have the money, then his avenue, while she’s pursuing an appeal, is to try to execute on property she owns.”

At the same time, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor can also issue her a summons “where you summon the debtor to come to a court and his lawyer would get to ask her questions saying ‘What property do you own, what real estate do you own, what vehicles do you own, what jewellery do you own, what art collections’”

“Anything else that they could use to grab and sell at auction to try to pay down and pay off, ultimately, this judgment.”

Denton on the other hand admitted to the publication, Depp can always “institute collection proceedings so he can garnish [Heard’s] pay if she has a salary or wage-type income.”

“He can attach her assets which basically means seize them. He can get to her assets, sell them and take cash.” Lawyer Brett Turnbull, a founding partner at Turnbull Holcomb & Lemoine, told The New York Post that judgements in Virginia are good for 10 years and can be extended.”

“[Heard] could be subject to this judgment for up to 30 years. If she suddenly had a new infusion of money — that can be discovered by [Depp] and pursued.”

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