Photographers ditching digital for film

Modern photography is often as simple as, well, point and shoot. But for many photographers, megapixels are out, and film stock is in.

“I just enjoy playing with them, they’re so much more fun. Digital just seems a bit cold sometimes,” says amateur photographer, Tim Moore.

Moore isn’t alone with his passion for the past. Shutterbugs are rediscovering aperture settings, ISO films, shutter speeds and other terminology.

“It’s almost making a trend where it’s hip again and cool again because it’s retro, it goes along the lines of many other things, digital being forced down your throat, so almost people desiring a kick back to what film once was,” adds Kate Contakos, another amateur photographer.

It may be long and laborious, but the ability to develop her own photos is one reason Contakos is choosing film.

And with technology advancing rapidly, it’s no wonder that many photographers have never even used a film camera.

“I’ve never really grown up with film so this is kind of all I know, but I just know I can take a ton of pictures with very little trouble at all,” Sarah Kelley, a local resident said.

Indeed. The simplicity of digital photography has helped to expand its use. But is there an even simpler solution?

Liana Joyce thinks Lomography is the answer.

Lomography uses simple, low cost film cameras that produce unorthodox snapshots.

Joyce, Shop manager at London’s Lomography store says, “I took a photography course back at university and I just found that it was just too technical, just too much work, too much, you know, numbers and all these really confusing bits. And I think Lomography frees you from having to think too much. In fact, the slogan is “don’t think, just shoot.”

But if you must have that latest electronic gadget, technology has an answer to Lomography’s simplicity as well.

Hipstamatic is an iPhone application that enables users to choose their lens and film through software.

That allows users to take vintage looking pictures that incorporate a blend of film and Lomography.

What will they think of next?

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