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Bear Cub Rescued After Head Gets Stuck Inside Tin Box Near Amarnath Cave

A bear cub was Saturday rescued after its head was trapped inside a tin box near the Amarnath cave shrine in south Kashmir Himalayas, officials said.

The baby bear came down from the upper reaches of the holy cave on Friday night with its head trapped in a tin box, the officials said.

On Saturday early morning, a joint team of Jammu and Kashmir Police, State Disaster Response Force, National Disaster Response Force, and the wildlife department made several attempts to rescue the cub even as its mother was lurking around, they said.

However, after a few attempts, the mother bear was shooed away and the cub was overpowered, the officials said.

A cutter was used to cut open the tin box and the cub was finally freed. Due care was taken by the rescuers to avoid any injuries to the cub, they said.

After the rescue operation, the cub reunited with its mother and the duo fled towards the mountains, the officials added.

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