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Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign: More Than 40 Million Selfies Uploaded On Government Portal

The central government’s Har Ghar Tiranga website has received more than 40 million selfies from people of the country, according to its website. The campaign will run from August 13-15, as India celebrates its 77th Independence Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked people of the country to participate in the campaign ahead of the main Independence Day celebration. In a social media post, the Prime Minister asked the people to change the display picture of their social media handles to the national flag, as part of a “unique effort” ahead of the important day.

The website of Har Ghar Tiranga shows the government has received 43,644,013 (4.3 million) selfies with the Tricolour. The home page of the website has been redesigned with an option to upload the selfie.

When a user opens the portal, there are two options – to upload a selfie with flag and digital Tiranga.

Scrolling down, the user will see photos of Union ministers, actors and sportspersons with the Indian flag.

On this second Independence Day of the Amrit Kal (the era of freedom), various events will take place for a week. Along with the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, silent processions will be held on Partition Day, (August 14), remembering the horrors of the Partition of India and paying homage to the victims of the violence during that period.

Around 1,800 special guests from all over India will be attending the Independence Day Flag hoisting by PM Modi at the iconic Red Fort in Delhi.

Meanwhile, ahead of the Independence Day celebrations, Delhi police have stepped up checks, and security measures across the national capital.

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