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Delhi Delivery Agent Asks Woman For Address, She Attacks Him With Knife

Delhi Delivery Agent Asks Woman For Address, She Attacks Him With Knife

The woman also pulled the keys out of his scooter and flung them into bushes nearby.

New Delhi:

A delivery agent was attacked by a woman with a knife allegedly after he sought her help in locating an address in south west Delhi’s Dwarka. 

The incident that occurred on Friday in Dwarka’s Sector 23 was captured on CCTV cameras and showed the bizarre interaction between the two. According to the police, the woman attacked the man three to four times with the knife.

In the video, the woman is seen passing by a delivery agent when he starts speaking to her. She swiftly turns around and attacks the man’s neck with a knife gripped in her hand. She then pulls the keys out of his scooter and flings them into the bushes nearby. 

The delivery agent gets off from the scooter and the woman quickly pushes it to the ground. An argument breaks out as several residents approach the scene and gather around. As the delivery agent turns to talk to them, the woman bends down and attempts to slash the scooter’s tire for over 20 seconds with the knife. She also gestures towards the small crowd with the knife still in her before she puts her foot on the fallen vehicle.

Police say the woman continued to threaten residents with the knife even after they reached the spot.

After the knife was snatched away from her, she picked up a stick and tried to bash in the police vehicle and other cars nearby, they said. Her assault continued as she tried to resist arrest by pulling on a woman police officer’s hair and scratching her before she was finally arrested and taken to the police station.

According to residents, the 42-year-old woman lives alone as a tenant in the DDA flats and has a history of starting such disputes with her neighbours but no action has been taken against her.

The delivery agent, identified as Golu, suffered several injuries and is undergoing treatment at a hospital. 

As per his statement to the police, he arrived at the location to deliver a package and asked her for help in finding an address when she started hurling abuses and attacked him.

He also alleged that she used a brick to bash in his scooter and chased him with the knife in her hand.

A case has been registered against the woman for endangering the safety of others and assaulting a police officer.

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