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Adani Group Rejects Recycled Allegations In OCCRP Report

Adani Group Rejects 'Recycled Allegations' In OCCRP Report

According to the Adani Group, the claims were based on closed cases from a decade ago.

New Delhi:

The Adani Group today rejected what it called “recycled allegations” of hidden foreign investors in a report by the George Soros-funded Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

“We categorically reject these recycled allegations. These news reports appear to be yet another concerted bid by Soros-funded interests supported by a section of the foreign media to revive the meritless Hindenburg report. In fact, this was anticipated, as was reported by the media last week,” said the ports-to-power conglomerate in a statement.

The OCCRP report has alleged insider trading via two foreign investors.

The claims, the conglomerate said, were based on closed cases from a decade ago when the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) probed allegations of over-invoicing, transfer of funds abroad, related party transactions and investments through FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investors).

“An independent adjudicating authority and an appellate tribunal had both confirmed that there was no over-valuation and that the transactions were in accordance with applicable law. The matter attained finality in March 2023 when the Supreme Court of India ruled in our favour. Clearly, since there was no over-valuation, there is no relevance or foundation for these allegations on transfer of funds,” the Adani Group asserted.

“Notably, these FPIs are already part of the investigation by the SEBI. As per the Expert Committee appointed by the Supreme Court, there is no evidence of any breach of the Minimum Public Shareholding (MPS) requirements or manipulation of stock prices,” said the group.

“It is unfortunate that these publications, which sent us queries, chose not to carry our response in full. These attempts are aimed at, inter alia, generating profits by driving down our stock prices and these short sellers are under investigation by various authorities.”

It was vital to respect the ongoing regulatory process, given that the Supreme Court and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) are both overseeing the matter, the company added.

“We have complete faith in the due process of law and remain confident of the quality of our disclosures and corporate governance standards. In light of these facts, the timing of these news reports is suspicious, mischievous and malicious – and we reject these reports in their entirety,” the statement said.

The CBI also investigated the allegations of over-evaluation and over-invoicing of power transmission equipment. It closed the case on 15 July 2015.

The Enforcement Directorate has found that 18 companies, including foreign portfolio investors and foreign institutional investors in tax havens, were the top beneficiaries from short selling in shares of Adani Group companies after the Hindenburg report that led to a market crash in January.

The Enforcement Directorate has shared its findings with SEBI. Sources say probe agencies may investigate money laundering and other allegations against these companies.

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