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Vegetable Vendor’s Creative Way Of Accepting Digital Payments Wins Internet

Watch: Vegetable-Selling Lady's Jugaad For Digital Payment Gets Over 12 Million Views

Digital payments are now quite commonplace. Photo: Instagram/maharashtra.farmer

The robust digital payments ecosystem in India has changed the way we buy everyday items. From the grocery store to a street food vendor, practically every business now accepts payments online. It obliviates the need to even carry cash when we go out. Just take out your phone, scan the QR code for the payment vendor and pay any amount without any extra charges. Recently, we saw how a vegetable vending lady found the perfect ‘jugaad‘ to add the digital payment option to her venture. Wondering what she did? Take a look at the vegetable vendor’s creative way of accepting digital payments.

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The reel was shared on Instagram by the popular page Maharashtra.farmer and was originally shot by another user named Rupali Alhat. In a short span of time, the reel has received over 12.6 million views and 1.4 million likes. “Smart maushi,” was the caption to the video.
In the clip, we saw a man buying some peanuts from the lady. When he asked her for the payment QR code sticker, it showed up in the most unexpected place – beneath the weighing bowl. The surprise element of the video won appreciation and also left us chuckling. How creatively she placed the sticker for digital payments was indeed worthy of praise.
A number of comments also poured into the comments section of the video. “Digital India cashless India,” said one user. “Mama rocks customers shocks,” commented another one. “That is Indian maa ka knowledge jugaad,” chimed in another one.
This is not the only time that the digital payment system has come into the news. In December last year, we saw how a tea stall vendor was also accepting payments through cryptocurrency. The internet shared a flurry of reactions to the story. Click here to read more.

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