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Go To Pakistan, Karnataka Teacher Tells Two Class 5 Students, Transferred

'Go To Pak': Karnataka Teacher Tells Two Class 5 Students, Transferred

The teacher has been transferred to another school


A teacher in Karnataka allegedly told two Muslim students to “go to Pakistan”, following which the parents of the children filed a complaint with the Education Department.

The two Class 5 children were quarrelling while the class was on, which made the teacher upset, officials said, adding the incident happened on Thursday.

The Kannada language teacher then intervened and allegedly told the students, “Go to Pakistan. This is a country of Hindus.”

The school where the incident happened is an Urdu institution in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district.

“We have transferred the teacher to another school. A departmental investigation is going on, and based on its report we will take further action,” block education officer B Nagraj told NDTV.

The teacher had been teaching in the Urdu school for eight years, and has a total experience of 26 years. She is a regular employee.

The Karnataka incident was reported days after a teacher in a school in Uttar Pradesh was seen on camera telling students to hit their classmate, a Muslim. The accused teacher Tripta Tyagi, who also doubles up as principal of Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, was seen in the video asking students to slap the seven-year-old Muslim boy. As the student stood crying, his classmates took turns to slap him. The teacher was also heard in the video asking the students to hit him hard.  

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