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Spouses Of G20 Leaders To Inaugurate ‘Roots And Routes’ Exhibition

Spouses Of G20 Leaders To Inaugurate 'Roots And Routes' Exhibition

“The Exhibition ‘Roots and Routes’ explores India’s civilizational heritage

New Delhi:

Spouses of G20 leaders participating in the New Delhi Summit will inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to India’s civilisation prowess and artistic excellence, titled ‘Roots and Routes: Past Present and Continuous’ on September 9 in the National Gallery of Modern Art, said official sources.

Sources also added that a 45-minute tour will be provided to spouses of leaders participating in G20.
“The Exhibition ‘Roots and Routes’ explores India’s civilizational heritage, ethos and its inter-connectedness. The exhibition traces cultural marvels through Indian sagas based on archaeological artefacts, literature, numismatics, epigraphy, and paintings. The woven narrative is truly diverse and rich,” the Culture Ministry said in a statement.

The exposition engages G20 priorities, the essential tenets of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the core values of which are supremely universal. The chosen themes reflect that ethos – respect for nature and environment, democratic spirit, gender equality, education, et al. The G20 country connect unravels too as part of shared global traditions.

Subjects like Shringar, Sangeet and Prakriti are transnational and are taken to portray the legacy of the Indian story. How Indian literature and art mirror each other completes the experience.

“The ‘Routes’, the outreach, through different mediums – language, philosophy, religion, literature, sculpture and paintings; the overland and maritime routes have been curated after diligent research,” the Ministry mentioned.

It is not usual for India’s great antiquity to come together in such quantity and in such great diversity. The selection of artefacts was carefully undertaken with a focus on historical significance, artistic merit and thematic relevance.

The curatorial challenge of bringing together these priceless artefacts from all across India was made possible through close collaboration with all partners and meticulous logistical planning.

The partnering institutions are Indian Museum, Kolkata, Government Museum, Chennai, Government Museum, Chandigarh, Asiatic Society, Kolkata, Government Museum, Mathura, National Museum, New Delhi, National Gallery of Modern Art, National Library, Kolkata, Site Museums of ASI: Sarnath, Nalanda, Nagarjunakonda and Sanchi and Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, New Delhi.

It stands to the credit of these institutions that a splendid and rare assemblage of Indian sculpture of the Amravati friezes, the Gandhara and Mathura art pieces, Chola Bronzes, manuscripts and paintings could be brought together for this exhibition. The continuous dialogue between ‘Roots and Routes takes centre stage in this exhibition, presenting voices, thoughts, and relatable stories.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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