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Viral Video Shows What Thunderstorms Look Like From Plane: “Fireworks In The Sky”

Viral Video Shows What Thunderstorms Look Like From Plane: 'Fireworks In The Sky'

The clip shows bright jolts of electricity in the sky.

The word “thunderstorm” typically evokes a range of images in the human mind related to this natural weather phenomenon. The majority of it is connected to the views of this occurrence, including the dark clouds, lightning, powerful winds, rain, and the dramatic meteorological changes that take place as a thunderstorm approaches, such as the darkening of the sky and the change in air pressure.

Watching a thunderstorm from the Earth’s surface is a familiar experience, but recently, a social media user shared a video captured from an airplane, providing a unique view of the storm. This user claimed that the footage was shot from an altitude of 35,000 feet above the earth.

The captivating video was posted on Instagram by a social media user named Param.

The text overlay on the video says, “Ever wondered how thunderstorms at 35,000 feet look like?”

Watch the video here:

The video begins with intense bursts of lightning illuminating the entire sky, leaving many viewers in awe of the thunderstorm’s intensity.

Since its sharing on Instagram, the video has gone viral, getting more than 57,000 likes. Many people even took to the comments section of the post to express their views on this video.

“People living in the clouds are having a house party,” commented a user.

“Imagine your horoscope saying to be careful today… And on your flight, you see this,” wrote another user.

“Someone’s running around with a flashlight in those clouds,” commented a third user.

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