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Japanese Latte Artists Makes Drinks That Are Too Cute To Drink; See Pics Inside

Food & DrinksJapanese Latte Artists Makes Drinks That Are Too Cute To Drink; See Pics Inside

Paintings, sculptures, food, one can use any of these mediums to make art! After all, art has no fixed meaning, it is just a representation of our creativity. This is what led to the rise of so many food bloggers during the pandemic! Foodies used food to express their creativity and share it with the world. One doesn’t need to be a renowned sculptor or painter to be considered an artist, even the food that is served on our plate can be considered art! Some foodies express their creativity by making realistic cakes, others express it by making gourmet food and, today, we have found an artist who uses coffee to express themselves!

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Whenever we get coffee from a coffee house, our cup of joe is always adorned with a cute heart or a sweet smile made from cream and foam. This little masterpiece floating around on our daily coffee is known as latte art. A Japanese woman has managed to take this latte art to the next level. Runa Kato is a latte artist and matcha artist who makes latte art professionally and her creation are just too adorable to drink! Take a look:

From Pikachu, minions, and corgis to other cute cartoons or living things in the world, she recreates all these creatures on her lattes! The 3-D lattes look so realistic and cute that it is too hard to believe that art was created using foam and over the canvas of coffee! The image above was shared on Instagram through @9gag but the credits were given to the artist’s Instagram account @runapocket. The post has 241k likes and 900 comments.

People were in awe of this 3D latte art! Here’s what they wrote in the comments:

“Y’all this is on another level”

“I am so not drinking this. I shall worship this”

“Awwww … craft of class”

“Very creative beautiful”

“I want one!”

What did you think of this cute latte art? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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