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Meghan Markle ‘confusing royal duties’ with celebrity lifestyle

EntertainmentMeghan Markle ‘confusing royal duties’ with celebrity lifestyle

Meghan Markle has been accused of “lacking Princess Diana’s understanding of the monarchy and are “confusing their royal duties” with the celebrity lifestyle.

This claim has been made by professor Cele Otnes, in her interview with Express UK.

There, she admitted, “I think Kate, and Diana, and Camilla just by the virtue of being British [grasped it].”

“Even if they hadn’t had any association with the aristocracy and Kate didn’t really, but Camilla and Diana certainly did – they travelled in those circles –“

They “had the sort of natural socialisation process from the time of their young childhood, about the sort of the preciousness of the brands and how much had to be invested to keep the Royal Family brand at its pinnacle.”

“Megan didn’t have that kind of context. I think Diana and Camilla and Kate growing up in Britain had an understanding of where the British royal family resides in the social hierarchy – which is at the top by itself.”

“It has all that socialisation and internalisation about, you know, protecting it. Megan had no understanding of that.”

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