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Mira Kapoors Summer Drink Of Choice Is Homemade And Vegan

Health & FoodMira Kapoors Summer Drink Of Choice Is Homemade And Vegan

The summer season is all about keeping ourselves hydrated and nourished. There are plenty of delicious drinks that we can consume to beat the searing heat. Is there anything better than guzzling an icy cold beverage, with the effects trickling down to our digestive system and cooling us from within? Even our favourite celebrities cannot help but enjoy some wonderful drinks to stay cool in summer. Recently, we caught a glimpse of Mira Kapoor enjoying a delicious summer drink that looked tempting and delicious. The homemade drink was made with plant-based oat milk and seemed ideal for the scorching summer months. Wondering what it was? Take a look and see for yourself:


Instagram story shared by Mira Kapoor.

Mira Kapoor is one celebrity who never shies away from sharing her foodie side on Instagram. And this time, it was no different. Sharing a click of her delicious-looking iced coffee, she explained what went into its making and how it was completely vegan. “I avoid icy drinks but this homemade oat milk Frappucino is bomb,” she wrote in the caption of her post. Frappuccino is basically a chilled and frothy version of the hot Cappuccino that is perfect to cool down in summer season.

Mira Kapoor has, time and again, explained why she avoids eating chilled or raw food. According to her, this kind of food is harmful for the digestive system and expends a lot of energy in bring it up to body temperature and then digesting it. Thus, as a thumb rule, she avoids icy drinks but for this homemade vegan drink, she chose to make an exception!

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Iced coffee is a delightful treat nobody can resist. Photo Credit: Image Instagrammed by @jojo.coffeehouse

This is not the first time that Mira Kapoor has let us into her foodie side. Recently, she revealed all about her tryst with the Intermittent Fasting (IF) diet and how it did not suit her. “It just doesn’t sit well with me,” she wrote in her post.

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Meanwhile, if Mira Kapoor’s cold coffee indulgence has got you craving for some too – we have just what you need. These iced coffee drink recipes are perfect for the summer season and will taste delicious and help you cool down as well.

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