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Summer Diet Tips: This Millet Kanji May Promote Gut Health (Recipe Video Inside)

Health & FoodSummer Diet Tips: This Millet Kanji May Promote Gut Health (Recipe Video Inside)

Summer is here, and it is needless to say that we have already tweaked our diet as per the season. Warm soups are replaced by coolers and comforting curries. In fact, we are taking every possible step to keep ourselves cool, healthy and at our best during the summers. Here, being at our best means keeping up good health. And as per health experts, it all begins with a healthy gut. Our gut houses several microorganisms (or bacteria) that affect the body’s digestion power, metabolism, immunity, energy levels and more. This is why it gets important to include healthy nutrients in our diet to promote the function of these gut-healthy bacteria.

Here we bring you an amazing recipe that includes every essential nutrient we need to promote gut health. It’s the little millet kanji. For the unversed, little millet is a type of millet that loads you up with a good amount of dietary fibre. This further helps improve digestion, combat constipation, bloating, and regularise bowel function et al. In fact, it improves the overall health of other vital organs, including the kidney and liver. Millet can help us lose weight and promote immune health too.

Besides the chief ingredient (here: little millet), little millet kanji recipe also includes the goodness of protein-rich moong dal. Including moong dal in the recipe makes the dish great for people with health issues like high cholesterol, blood sugar et al. This recipe for little millet kanji has been shared by celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. “Little millet kanji- Here’s a summer recipe that’s so easy to make, light on the tummy and high on taste,” she wrote alongside a post on Instagram, featuring the recipe. Let’s take a look.

Millet Kanji Recipe For Summer | How To Make Gut-Healthy Little Millet Kanji:

1. Soak little millets in water for at least 20 minutes, strain the water and let it dry.

2. Dry roast moong dal and grind it coarsely.

3. Heat oil in a cooker and temper clove, cinnamon, curry leaves and mustard seeds.

4. Add ginger paste, onion, green chilli and carrot, turmeric powder and water (or chicken broth). Mix everything well.

5. Add the millet and ground moong dal, salt, pepper powder and coriander powder and boil for some time.

6. Close the lid and wait till two to three whistles.

7. Sprinkle lemon juice and serve.

Watch the complete recipe of little millet kanji here:

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Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, in another Insta-post, further shared some quick and healthy tips to remember while including millets in our diet. She says, “Start with having millets not more than once a day. After a week, when your digestive system gets used to it, increase the consumption to two to three times a day.” She further explains, “Make sure you chew millets well for better digestion.”

Check out the complete post below:

Try this quick and easy millet kanji recipe today and enjoy a healthy summer meal at home. Also, don’t forget to let us know how you liked it.

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