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This Sabja Seeds Drink Is Excellent For Immunity And Weight Loss In Summer (Watch Recipe Video)

Food & DrinksThis Sabja Seeds Drink Is Excellent For Immunity And Weight Loss In Summer (Watch Recipe Video)

In our quest for recipes to include in our summer diet, we discovered this amazing drink that not only tastes great but is also healthful. Made with sabja seeds (basil), this summer cooler is just what you need after days and days of the same old lemonade and mango shake. Sabja Seeds Rose Cooler not only offers a distinctive flavour and texture, but it also recharges you instantly. This superb chilled beverage can be prepared in just 5 minutes, almost the same time (if not more) you take to make all other popular summer drinks. 

Sabja seeds are derived from sweet basil herb, which is often used in cooking. These seeds are revered for their many health benefits, including propelling metabolism for weight loss. Its high antioxidant level helps boost immunity and its low GI value makes it an ideal food for diabetes diet.  

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Sabja seeds offer numerous health benefits. 

Sabja Seeds Rose Cooler Recipe I How To Make Sabja Seeds Rose Cooler For Weight Loss 

Soak sabja seeds overnight in water. Next morning you’ll find the seeds swelled up and larger in size. Just transfer the seeds to a tall glass. Pour some red syrup (Roohafza will work here perfectly) and fill up the glass with cold milk. Then top it with some more rose syrup and dried rose petals. 

Rose syrup and rose petals too offer their cooling properties, making this drink super hydrating to fight the blazing heat. 

The recipe of sabja seeds rose summer cooler was posted by food blogger Ananya Banerjee on her Instagram handle. This quick summer drink not only looks good but tastes good too. In fact, you can welcome your guests with this drink at a get-together you host, maybe top it with an ice cream scoop, and they’ll surely be impressed with your presentation skills.  

Already excited to try this recipe? You can also watch the complete recipe video here to see how it is done. 

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