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Watch: Make Healthy Atta Pita Bread At Home That Tastes Just Like The One At Cafes

Food & DrinksWatch: Make Healthy Atta Pita Bread At Home That Tastes Just Like The One At Cafes

Pita bread paired with hummus or a dip makes for an excellent appetiser. You must have seen this platter being served in restaurants and even by your friends at get-togethers. You tasted it, you liked it and now you want to make it too, right? So, here we bring you an easy recipe of pita bread made with whole wheat flour (atta) to give you a healthier option. This recipe is perfect for evening snacking when you don’t want to mess up your diet with fried and fattening snacks.  

Food blogger Ananya Banerjee shared the recipe for this whole wheat pita bread on her YouTube channel, and it really is very easy to make. Also, the recipe doesn’t use yeast but you are free to do so. This recipe makes use of baking powder to make the dough for the bread rise. Now, let’s see how to make cafe-style atta pita bread. 

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How To Make Pita Bread At Home I Whole Wheat Pita Bread Recipe: 

Combine equal parts of curd and lukewarm milk. Add in some water and sugar. Whisk till combined well. Then add the dry ingredients. Mix whole wheat flour, some maida, baking powder and baking soda and sift it all through a sieve and pour on the wet ingredients’ mixture. Knead to make dough and cover it with a wet muslin cloth. Let it rest for about half an hour. Divide the dough into small balls. Make rotis with it and cook on both sides. Remember not to overcook it. 

Now you can cut the bread into smaller diagonal pieces and plate it up with a side dish of your choice. Hummus goes well with these breads, and the good news is that you make your own hummus at home too. Here’s the recipe. 

Watch the complete video of cafe-style pita bread here: 

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