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Watch: Zomatos Amusing Take On Delivery Of Turkish Ice Cream Will Leave You In Splits

Health & FoodWatch: Zomatos Amusing Take On Delivery Of Turkish Ice Cream Will Leave You In Splits

We’ve all seen Turkish ice cream vendors’ iconic and humorous manner of serving a cone of ice cream. These videos abound on the internet. The pranks they pull before serving a scoop of that delectable dessert are hilarious. But, more than the pranks, the surprised and perplexed consumers’ reactions are funnier to witness. While we all have seen how customers get tricked by the sellers when they are standing in the shop, what happens when you get the Turkish ice cream delivered to your house? Is it the same experience?! Well, Zomato has just the answer for you.

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Recently, Zomato posted a hilarious video where a delivery person was seen giving someone Turkish ice cream. The delivery man is seen standing outside someone’s home in the video. Then he takes out a parcel. As he is about to deliver the box, he moves it around just like a Turkish ice cream vendor would do. Then when the customer gets frustrated, they snatch the box from the man, only to find out that the package is empty! Later, the delivery man hands him the actual ice cream box. Check out their full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, people have viewed it 1.1 million times, and it has also received several reactions on it. Check out some of the comments below:

“Then I will also try this while giving cash.”

“Meri mummy ye Khali box bhi rakh lengi, kaam aayga soch kar (My mom will also keep this empty box, thinking that it will come in handy).”

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“Start implementing service tax also.”

“Order not received, will apply for a refund.”

“Shayad Chauthe dabbe mein hai ice-cream (Maybe the ice cream is in the fourth box).”

“It’s all fun and games till it’s cash on delivery.”

Isn’t this video fun? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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